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Are you or your loved ones suffering from common health concerns like allergies, regular headaches, asthma, or itchy eyes all day long? Does it seem like your home attracts dust like a magnet? If so, poor indoor air circulation and quality might be the culprit.

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The benefits are significant, including…

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Better Indoor Air Quality

HVAC systems circulate air, and over time, your home is prone to collecting contaminants. These include things like mold, dust, fungi, and bacteria, all of which negatively impact air quality and increase concerns of developing respiratory health issues. The EPA has found that indoor air quality can be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Removing these contaminants is paramount to improving indoor air quality. Better air inside leads to better respiratory health for everyone.

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Save Energy and Money Expenses

The U.S. Department of Energy has found that between 25 and 40% of energy employed to heat or cool a home is wasted. That said, the EPA has found that having clean HVAC and duct systems alleviates this waste, allowing the system to operate more effectively and efficiently.

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Reduce Cleaning and Dusting

Duct cleaning reduces the amount of debris and dirt which collects inside of your air duct system. This process removes the bulk of the debris and dust in your home, which otherwise settles on your furniture or flat surfaces. The amount of cleaning necessary will drop noticeably when there is less dust circulating in the air. As a result, keeping the duct system clean means keeping your home or office clean too!

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Extend Your HVAC System Life

Heating and HVAC systems are already a significant financial investment. It is therefore worthwhile to ensure this investment is well maintained. 90% of all system failures are the result of dirt, debris, and dust buildup. This build up reduces the cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) by upwards of 50%! Clogged air vents and clogged furnaces then struggle to return clean air, and the filters break down under the weight, both literally and figuratively. But replacing them and cleaning the system can alleviate this reduction in productivity, thereby extending the lifespan of your system.

Don’t let your HVAC and duct system be ignored. Maintenance is a regular part of any system and your respiratory health is not worth ignoring. Simply Better Air will conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the entire air duct and ventilation system—and do it right the first time!

With NADCA certified technicians on hand, you can rest assured that only the best equipment will be used in conjunction with strict adherence to NADCA’s cleaning guidelines. The result? Clean, fresh air and better respiratory health!

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“After moving into an older house, I noticed the air inside always seemed to be stuffy and my allergies would flare up regularly. My initial thought was that I might need one or more air purifiers for the house. But after some research, I learned the importance of cleaning the air duct system. After hiring Simply Better Air and getting the ductwork cleaned, I immediately noticed the improved air quality. I can’t thank them enough!”

Laura H. — West Seattle, WA

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