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Do you suffer from asthma, headaches, itchy eyes and other poor air-quality related conditions? Do your kids always have flu? Or do you notice excessive dust in your house? If so, it might be time to conduct a maintenance check on your air duct system. These are major signs of poor indoor air quality.

In fact, you do not have to wait until things get this bad before deciding to regularly get your air ducts cleaned. You need to know that if your air ducts haven’t been cleaned or serviced, there’s a good chance your home has excessive dust, dirt, debris and other contaminants.

Contact Simply Better Air to receive a free, no-obligation air duct inspection and a comprehensive duct cleaning quote. Here are the benefits, just to name a few…

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Better Quality Indoor Air

It is only when your air duct is clean that it can deliver great indoor air to you and your entire household. The biggest advantage of running a regular check on your air duct is that it saves you a lot of money that you would have spent either on drugs or to offset hospital bill or even both.

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Energy Conservation and Higher Output

Apart from having regular clean air duct, another reason you have to service your air duct regularly is that it saves energy. When dirt accumulates in your duct, it works harder and consumes much more energy. In fact, a dirty duct consumes about 25 to 40 percent more energy. Dirt does not only make your air duct consume more energy, it also reduces its effectiveness. This means your air duct will continue to consume more energy for less output.

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Longer Lifespan

One thing about appliances is that when a little component is faulty and not replaced, it will affect other components and this may lead to a major breakdown. In other words, regular maintenance checks lengthen the lifespan of your air duct.

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Less Dust

Dirty air ducts blow the accumulated dust into your living room. And this means that you will have to be dusting your furniture very often. But clean air ducts blow less dust. With a clean air duct, you don’t have to clean up your home often.

At this point, it is worthy of note that you can only enjoy the listed benefits if the maintenance of your air duct is handled by professionals like our team. First of all, experience matters a lot. We have been in the business for several years now and we can comfortably say we have experience on our side.

To further strengthen our credibility, our company has been registered and so we have the necessary license to operate. This will further give our clients peace of mind. We would not have been registered if our competence is not convincing.

To further underscore the confidence we have in our services, we offer warranty after installing or running a maintenance check on any air duct. Not only that, our after sales support is next to none. We have realized that the cheapest and the most effective form of publicity is through positive recommendations from satisfied customers and we have been cashing in on it. This is why we have no choice but to keep our customers satisfied.

Our services usually come with professional advice. To reward our loyal clients, we sometimes offer promotional free services after a certain number of patronages. One thing you can’t take away from us is our ability to balance quality service with relatively low prices. This has been the biggest secret to our fast growth.

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“After moving into an older house, I noticed the air inside always seemed to be stuffy and my allergies would flare up regularly. My initial thought was that I might need one or more air purifiers for the house. But after some research, I learned the importance of cleaning the air duct system. After hiring Simply Better Air and getting the ductwork cleaned, I immediately noticed the improved air quality. I can’t thank them enough!”

Laura H. — West Seattle, WA

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