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We are a professionals that specialize in cleaning your ventilation system so that your indoor air quality is improved, save you energy and money, reduce your cleaning time, and increase your ventilation system’s lifespan. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible service so that you can breathe easy in your own home.

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Below you can see the details of how a clean air duct system will benefit you:

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Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your home is your shelter and the air inside should be clear of dust and other pollutants that can cause or aggravate allergies, asthma, headaches, nausea, itchy eyes, etc. If you or your family have an increase in these problems or noticed more dust on your furniture than before, then your ventilation system may be to blame.

We’re homeowners as well and we understand the importance of having a healthy space to live in as well as work. So if your HVAC has been running for a while without a cleaning, then you should invest to have it professionally cleaned so as to stop pollutants from circulating in your household.

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Energy and Money Savings

The Department of Energy found that dirty HVAC system wastes anywhere between 25-40% of its energy. Various contaminants such as dirt can build in the system, making it inefficient and more expensive to use. Investing in professionals to clean the system allows it to run more efficiently, ultimately leading to reduced energy use and reduced costs.

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Reduce Dusting and Cleaning

Other than the potential health problems that come with poor air quality, dirty HVAC systems can lead to an excessive build-up of dust on furniture, counter tops, shelves, and any other surface in your home or workplace. By cleaning the system, it reduces the time, energy, and money you would put in cleaning and dusting those surfaces.

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Extend Your HVAC Lifespan

Not only does the dirt and dust that builds up in your HVAC system cause it to run inefficiently, it also can cause it to break, which is an expensive problem to fix. Ninety-percent of system failures in HVAC systems can be traced to accumulated contaminants, but by hiring professional cleaners, you are able to prevent your HVAC from breaking in a vast majority of cases.

The equipment that is used in HVAC system will have to eventually be replaced, as they will break down from normal wear-and-tear, however, the lifespan of the HVAC can be dramatically increased by doing regular cleanings of it.

Your air duct system, whether at your home or place of work, is an important aspect in your life that can be easily forgotten. It can impact your heath, time, and wallet if it is not properly maintained. As professional duct cleaners, we will clean the entire HVAC system, including all the ductwork, in order to insure that the air your breathing is the best that it can be. All our technicians are NADCA certified and they use top of the line equipment while strictly following NADCA guidelines for HVAC system cleaning.

The bottom line is this—we understand the importance of having a clean HVAC system, and we will thoroughly clean it so that your family and coworkers can breathe easy.

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“After moving into an older house, I noticed the air inside always seemed to be stuffy and my allergies would flare up regularly. My initial thought was that I might need one or more air purifiers for the house. But after some research, I learned the importance of cleaning the air duct system. After hiring Simply Better Air and getting the ductwork cleaned, I immediately noticed the improved air quality. I can’t thank them enough!”

Laura H. — West Seattle, WA

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