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If you and your loved ones suffer from asthma, allergies, regular itchy eyes or headaches, you might have issues with the quality of your indoor air. Does your furniture attract excessive dust? It might be caused by a dirty HVAC system.

Ventilation systems can often be the root of problems with air quality. If your existing HVAC system has been running for years without a proper cleaning, it is imperative that you have professionals get to it immediately. Properly cleaning your system can prevent dust, debris, and other contaminants from circulating through the air you breathe.

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Better Air Quality

HVAC systems collect a variety of contaminants, including things such as dust, mold, fungi, and bacteria. This means that indoor air can be up to seventy times more polluted than the air you breathe outside. Such unhealthy air can result in complications, particularly for people who have allergies, respiratory conditions, or autoimmune disorders. By regularly cleaning and removing these contaminants you can enjoy better air quality and subsequently, better health.

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Energy and Money Savings

The U.S. Department of Energy has found that 25-40% of energy used by a dirty HVAC system is wasted. While the heating and cooling systems do rely on filters, dirt accumulates in the system over time which reduces the effectiveness of the entire system. This means your system has to work harder just to maintain the desired baseline temperature. With a clean system, however, your operation is more effective and more efficient. This means energy consumption and costs are lowered.

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Reduce Indoor Dusting and Cleaning

When you have your air ducts cleaned, you reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and debris which collects inside the system. With a clean HVAC system you also reduce the amount of said dirt, dust, and debris that is re-circulated into your home, covering your furniture, countertops, and other surfaces. By reducing the dirt build up inside of your system, you can reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do in your home or office. For families, this saves precious time. For companies, this saves precious money.

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Extend Your HVAC System Life

Heating and cooling systems are not cheap. According to research, ninety percent of system failures are because of dust and dirt accumulating inside the system. This accumulation reduces the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) by up to 50 per cent. When this happens, heat exchangers crack and systems fail.
While your equipment will need replacement eventually, as no system lasts forever, having it cleaned and maintained regularly will prevent any premature decline, indirectly prolonging the lifespan of your unit.

Do not neglect the importance of regular maintenance on your HVAC and duct system. With Simply Better Air, your entire heating and cooling system will be properly cleaned, ensuring your air quality is top notch. All our technicians are NADCA certified and rely on top of the line equipment. On each job, our technicians strictly follow NADCA guidelines for HVAC system cleaning.

What’s the bottom line? Your HVAC system, including all ductwork, can enjoy a longer life after it has been thoroughly cleaned. The result? Clean, fresh air at all times.

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“After moving into an older house, I noticed the air inside always seemed to be stuffy and my allergies would flare up regularly. My initial thought was that I might need one or more air purifiers for the house. But after some research, I learned the importance of cleaning the air duct system. After hiring Simply Better Air and getting the ductwork cleaned, I immediately noticed the improved air quality. I can’t thank them enough!”

Laura H. — West Seattle, WA

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