Do you have a loved one or friend who was the victim of a duct cleaning scam? Don’t think for a second that you won’t fall into their trap. Most of these companies appear to be legit, as they give irresistible offers such as $99 specials. They tend to target ignorant homeowners and desperate ones as well.

So, it’s good to know what you will get before you sign a contract or allow cleaners to walk through your door.

Here are useful tips that can help you avoid scam duct services and professionals.

Obtain Written Estimates: Don’t accept any cleaning service that gives you a quote verbally. Get a written estimate with a breakdown of the cleaning costs.

Avoid Low Ball Offers: Unscrupulous services lure homeowners with “$99 whole-house specials”. Don’t buy it. That’s a scam. Legit duct cleaning services charge an average of $500 and they are well-equipped to perform professional cleaning.

Get References: Before you sign any contract, ask for valid references about the company’s services. Check Yelp and Google Reviews as well as BBB for customer feedback.
Ask for Certification: Any legit duct cleaning service should be certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This organization sets the standards for HVAC service professionals. Anyone who makes claim that their service is certified by EPA is lying. EPA isn’t mandated to certify duct cleaners.

Check Service Standards: NADCA lays down guidelines, best practices, and safety measures that duct cleaning professionals ought to adhere to when performing their duties. Ensure that the duct cleaning professional adheres to these standards especially when cleaning insulated ducts.

Complete Service: Avoid any provider that says they only do duct cleaning. Legit service providers do a whole lot more than just cleaning dusty or debris-filled inlet ducts.
Always Validate Results: Legit duct cleaning services do a thorough visual inspection of the ductwork and HVAC unit after cleaning. They can either dispatch a person or use a remote camera. Always insist on inspection of the inner parts of the HVAC before you pay for the service.

No Spray Sealants: Your safety and that of your loved ones should be your top concern. Avoid any cleaning services that uses spray sealants or other hazardous chemicals such as biocides. EPA hasn’t registered any chemical to be used when cleaning ductwork.

If you keep all these things at the back of your mind, you’ll avoid falling victim of scam cleaners who use scare tactics and lowball offers to get clients. Always be vigilant and curious when dealing with unfamiliar service providers.

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