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If you’ve done any shopping around for dryer vent cleaning services prior to visiting this page, you’re already aware of the ugly statistics associated with clogged dryer vents every year (according to the US Fire Administration):

  • 15,600 fires
  • 20 deaths
  • 400 injuries
  • $99 million in direct property damage

The leading factor contributing to these statistics is failure to maintain clean dryer vents and HVAC system. Other factors leading to excessive lint build up and fire risk include:

  • Exhaust hoses crushed against the wall
  • Excessively long or restrictive duct runs
  • Animal nests in the vent hood
  • Vent hoods resembling screens
  • Lost socks or other clothing
  • Empty fabric softener boxes
  • Accumulation of lint and dust
  • Wet surfaces within ducts
  • Ducts with many elbows or bends
  • Inefficient dryer vent terminations
  • many, many more..

So it goes without saying that properly installed and maintained dryer vents are much more important than the general public realizes.

Not only do clean and well maintained dryer vents prevent possible fire damage, but the improve the efficiency of your dryer, decreasing the dryer heat, and saving you energy costs in many cases.

Considering your dryer is the one of the larger, more expensive appliances in your home, it only makes logical sense to consider the above facts and regularly check the dryer and dryer exhaust system vents. Ongoing maintenance of your dryer vent airflow can dramatically improve home safety by removing excessive lint, clogs, or restrictions.

Our comprehensive vent cleaning system includes lint and debris removal by one of the most powerful vent vacs in the industry. This vacuum, combined with our brushing procedure removes all blockages, including animal nests from the dryer duct and vent system.

When you factor in lower utility bills with longer dryer life, our service quickly pays for itself. And of course, you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing your dryer isn’t a dangerous fire hazard inside your home.

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