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Like many homeowners, you could be asking yourself “why should I have my air ducts cleaned? Your ductwork, like any part of the interior, needs occasional cleaning. There are many benefits of doing this periodically.

Let’s just look at four reasons why you should always have your ductwork cleaned.

Improves HVAC Efficiency and Longevity

Your duct moves a great deal of dirt, dust, and debris in a year. Overtime, a thin layer of dust or debris in your ductwork could grow to a few inches thick. This effectually narrows the passageway through which hot or cold air circulates. The result being your HVAC system will work harder to move air than it’s supposed to in a normal situation.

Cleaning your ductwork then logically becomes a reliable and cost-effective way of ensuring that your HVAC system works optimally and lasts longer. Don’t forget that dirt and dust are the major source of problems in HVAC maintenance and repairs. By cleaning your ductwork, you can avert issues that could arise from dust buildup and enhance the life of your HVAC as well.

Good Indoor Air Quality

Would you live at peace knowing there’s buildup of bacteria, dander, smoke, or dust particles, and mold in your ducts? Certainly not! Air ducts carry a lot of contaminants that could cause health and breathing problems. Research shows indoor air could carry as much as 70% of pollutants than outdoor air. These contaminants cause irritation especially to individuals who suffer allergies or asthma.

At the very least, living in a dusty or polluted home takes away the joy of normal living. Having a dirty ductwork simply means you and your loved ones breath dirty air. While it’s normal to inhale small amounts of contaminants, it’s not advisable to live in a home whose indoor air carries 60% – 90% of contaminants.

You can avoid this scenario by having your ductworks cleaned from time to time. This will ensure that kids, seniors, and any vulnerable person in your home enjoys great indoor air quality.

Lower Energy Costs

Like it or not, there’s a direct correlation between a faulty HVAC and energy consumption. The more dirt your ductwork contains the harder it works to move the air where it should go. And the more you stay with a dirty ductwork the higher the chances you will spend more on energy bills.

Having your ductwork cleaned by professionals will save you significant amounts of money as it will lower your energy bills. What’s more? Routine cleaning will prevent simple problems turning into costly repairs. The bottom line is that it really pays off to clean your ductwork of dirt and debris.

Cleaner Home

Cleaning your ducts not translates into better indoor air quality, but a cleaner home as well. Since your HVAC works optimally, there’s less potential for dust or dirt settling on your furniture. Similarly you are more likely to see less dust buildup on surfaces such as walls and floors. The outcome being you will have less dust and dirt to clean since most of it is moved out by the HVAC.

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